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I'm Anna Paquin. I'm bisexual and I give a damn.

    I'm Anna Paquin. I'm bisexual and I give a damn.

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    you never realize how much you love sleeping until you have to wake up in the morning 

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    This Afterbuzz with Aaron Hendry is the BEST FRIGGIN THING.

    He just related Meredith’s first appearance of being on the phone saying, “they need to hear the story, the whole story” and “one of them is right behind me” to the Dead Pool because she was talking about Malia NOT Stiles.

    And he confirms what I’ve been saying that Meredith has been talking to someone else who is in her head. And Aaron suggests that Lydia writing down Stiles’ name WASN’T IN LYDIA’S CONTROL.

    I’m YELLING.


  5. kakabestplayer:

    Michael clearly adores James Mcavoy. When I suggest that Mcavoy - after stomach-churning turn in the recently released Filth - might topple Fassbender’s monopoly on deviance, he is delighted. “I’ve heard he is AMAZING in it. Anything he does, I’m gonna go see.”  (from Elle UK - Interview with Michael Fassbender )

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    Anonymous said: If Braeden was a werewolf she wouldn't have the scars. Kate doesn't have any scars from when Peter slashed her throat, all of that disappear when you become a werewolf, remember when Ethan told Danny that he could make his scars go away? I think what Braeden meant is that he called her because she's such a good fighter :)


    Yeah, not saying she’s a werewolf, just saying there are signs pointing to her being something :) Maybe she can get rid of her scars too for all we know, but they’re pretty handy if you want to come across as 100 % human… :)

    Remember Peter slashed Kate’s throat and she became a werejaguar, so clearly it’s not as cut and dry as we might think. And also remember this piece of wisdom - “the shape you take reflect the person that you are.”

    But wouldn’t Scott, Peter and Derek have noticed if she was a werewolf? They seem to be able to scent that pretty easily. Well - remember Derek gave us a useful piece of information back in 4x06 that still hasn’t led anywhere:

    Derek: Some werewolves have and ability. A kind of mastery over their bodies, where they can actually inhibit their scent.

    Malia: They can hide from other werewolves?

    Derek: Anyone who’s trying to find them.

    Braeden could be masking her scent if it turns out she’s a were-creature of some kind.

    She has scars yes, so this suggests to me that she’s maybe not a were-something. But she seemed to have some sort of abilities even before Deucalion clawed her up. Remember the logo-shaped bruise she gave Lydia and Allison? And the fact that she seemed to have some sort of premonitions because she asked for Scott McCall the alpha before he became that.

    Someone else who’s been scratched by a werewolf and survived was Jennifer/Julia. So Braeden might be something more in the line of a darach than a full on shapeshifter.

    Because she did heal awefully fast. She was shot in the stomach area, and when Melissa wakes her up with a drug in the hospital, she hunches over like she’s still in pain


    Later that same day Derek is shot when trying to protect Satomi (who is btw my new spirit animal). A short time later, perhaps not more than a day, or possibly the same night, we find Braeden scantily dressed (no sign of bandages) both “training” with Derek and having sex without showing any signs of discomfort.


    Derek’s wound however looks like this


    So yes, Braeden is definitely a great fighter, good with weapons and can probably hold her own without any supernatural abilities. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are so many discrepancies that suggest she something more.

    And the dialogue from 4x10 defintely hints at something in my opinion:

    Scott: They’ll be okay. They’ve got claws and fangs.
    Derek: But they’re not fighters.
    Scott: That’s why I called you.
    Derek: Well, try to remember I don’t have claws and fangs anymore either.
    Braeden: That’s why he called me.

    And while we’re on the subject, her scars were brought to attention in 4x09 when she visited Haigh at the sheriff’s station. “Where did you get those scars?” he asks, and she promptly answers “a werewolf”. Now this definitely served as a reminder to us that she was scratched by deucalion, was hired previously by deucalion to rescue Derek and might still be working for him, or possibly be in his pack…

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    I find it so fucking hilarious, men think about famous women and female characters sexually all the time, they masturbate to the thought of Scarlett Johansson and Black Widow all the time, there is an entire genre of porn dedicated to spoofing movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter

    but women write (sometimes novel length) pieces of fiction featuring their favourite characters who sometimes end up in sexual situations and it’s “weird” and “gross” and “odd”

    and I’m just, I didn’t see your double standard there, would you mind just shoving it a bit further into my eye socket that’d be great

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  9. Sterek Week // Tuesday: Color Me Sterek

    It’s where my demons hide
    Don’t get too close
    It’s dark inside
    It’s where my demons hide

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    Anonymous said: stalia still is happening and it's ruining my entire mood. and everyone keeps hoping that dylan and tyler h will leave the show and i'm worried that their wishes will be granted. :(


    I really wouldn’t worry about Stalia being endgame love. Just remember, the show isn’t a romance - it’s a supernatural mystery/horror. The show even told us that first loves aren’t necessarily forever (like Scallison) - the same holds true for Stalia, Malia being Stiles’ first relationship. Furthermore, because the show is not focused on romance, the odd things that don’t add up about Stalia and Draeden? Part of the mystery! These relationships become even more suspicious when compared with positive slow build pairings like Scira and Marrish, which are built on openness, honesty and trust. Remember the TW writers are challenging popular romantic tropes through show vs tell - they want us to challenge them, to notice that they’re not healthy, that something’s a bit off. I completely understand how you feel - personally I have more of a cringe issue with Draeden than Stalia at this point. Braeden’s awesomes whichever side of the fence she winds up on (she may just be a neutral player), but once again we have a fairly suspicious character we know so little about physically involved with a character who has been sexually abused twice, and in a show that loves its’ “three’s a pattern” I’m really hesitant to jump on board this pair. Derek’s character and history make it hard to ship him with anyone who hasn’t shared at least a season’s worth of build/up. Now, if Draeden had the sort of build up that Parrish and Lydia appear to be getting, I’d be more supportive of it. But it’s not, which tells us it’s more likely to be part of the plot, rather than a romance.

    As for Tyler H and DOB leaving, I really don’t see that happening. Obviously I can’t promise anything, I don’t have any insider knowledge, but think of it this way - both are very tied to their roles, never underestimate that. Its good work, fantastic publicity and there’s very likely only one season left, so I’d say the chances of them sticking around until the end are high.



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