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    Anonymous said: The woman in the picture was pregnant with the husbands/soldiers baby. Have you never heard of being on leave?

    I literally stared at this for a full 60 seconds before it sunk in that it was about that stupid post I reblogged—meaning I am NOT the original poster of said post—what…9 months ago? A year ago? Long enough I could have gotten pregnant and birthed a child myself should I have so chosen? You had to go waaaaaaay back to find that on my blog.

    Honestly, people amaze me. The person I reblogged it from in the first place wasn’t the OP, yet it seemed that for months she had anons, much like this one, surprise surprise, messaging her about how rude and stupid she was. I mean seriously, I am pretty sure that post was already in at least 5 digits of notes before we reblogged it. I’ve heard of don’t shoot the messenger, but JFC, this is ridiculous.

    So yes, anon, I’ve heard of leave. In fact, my dad was in the army back in the day and I was in a pretty serious relationship at one point with a guy in the Air Force, so I understand pretty well how it works. If you are looking to have your feathers ruffled, you are scolding the wrong person. If you have enough time to hide behind gray face to berate my assumed stupidity, surely you have enough time to trace a post back to its original source. But a little tip? Maybe try recognizing the sarcastic humor that the post was intended to be. There are plenty of worthwhile causes out there you can champion if you feel the need to get in a tizzy over something.

    Personally, I am jealous of you. I can’t wait until my life is so perfect and problem free that I can spend my time looking for things that other people may be doing wrong and take them to task, whether they are the perpetrator or not. :/

  2. My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive.

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    Fangirl Challenge: 1/7 Heartwarming scenes - Mickey and Ian after Mickey’s coming out

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    Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”

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    Master Post of the best of the great “Show us your dick”-a-thon of 2014.

    Here’s the previous one.

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I did mean to do a bunch of sketches but I got distracted by the tentacle porn prompt omg


    I did mean to do a bunch of sketches but I got distracted by the tentacle porn prompt omg

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  7. klaine challenge: favorite quote(s)

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  8. Dylan O’Brien at his Giffoni Film Festival panel

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SOMEBODY HOLD ME. Adam Levine is off the market!


    SOMEBODY HOLD ME. Adam Levine is off the market!

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