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So. Friends call me Krista. Welcome to my little corner of the interwebz...

I lead a Derek Hale appreciation life.

And I will go down with this ship.

My OTP is engaged and together at last. Le swoon.

And who the hell told me falling in love with these two was a good idea?!

So yeah, expect a lot of weeping and flailing on my blog. I apologize in advance.

I love reading fanfiction about my OTPs and will often leak feels and flail over them on my blog when I find one I particularly enjoy. Check out my rec tag ittlebitz recs fic if you'd like. You won't be disappointed.

I also write a bit. You can read my stories here:

My AO3

My FFnet

Currently writing: looking for it (finding heaven) - Sterek


We Both Found What We were Looking For - Klaine

While my blog is primarily a Klaine and Sterek blog, you will find other things along the way as well. You may find the occasional music spam as well as other things that interest me or catch my attention.

Anything I post from any of my fandoms will be tagged with the pairing name and/or show they hail from. This way my followers can blacklist should they so prefer. I do post spoilers and things that are NSFW, including fanart and the occasional porn, and I am sure to tag those accordingly.